The ‘Joint Climate Change Initiative – Capacity Building For Cambodian Local NGOs’ (JCCI) initially began as a pilot project funded by SIDA (now SWEDEN) in 2010, in partnership with DanChurchAid and CORD.

After the successful implementation of the first phase, the project continued and expanded its reach to include more capacity building to partner organization staff and target communities, as well as a small-scale intervention to develop a model demonstration / intensive agriculture site in 2011 and 2012.

The project was extended for another year in 2013, which enabled the project to develop five model sites as regional examples of climate change adaptation intervention. The project distributed 2500 custom-designed Climate Change Manual to its target audience to enhance understanding of ‘climate smart’ actions, activities and planning.

From its inception the project saw rapid growth in partner participation and public engagement, at local, national and international levels. Locally JCCI partnered with 17 NGOs and CBOs includingCEDAC, DPA, FACT, KYSD and MVi.

Nationally, JCCI has participated in the Cambodia Climate Change Network (CCCN) and NGO Forum to network effectively on environment and climate change issues, as well as regularly participating in the yearly National Forum on Climate Change in Cambodia.

JCCI and partner organisations have participated in international events such the Asia-Pacific Adaptation Forum (Korea), COP 19 Sustainable Innovation Forum (Poland), as well as study and exchange tours to the Philippines and Myanmar.

For our current programme cycle (starting in 2014) JCCI is continuing its partnership with DCA and CORD.

More information (including publications and videos) can be found on the web site.