Educational Dramas

Forum Syd has partnered with Womens’ Media Centre to create videos for rural screening and discussion. These can be viewed online with Khmer audio and English Subtitles.

The Grass Flower

Are gender roles set in stone? Or can people learn to change and adapt?

The Ant’s Power

When a land concession threatens to disrupt the livelihood of a community, it’s up to villagers to claim their rights.

Short Videos

Forum Syd: The Joint Climate Change Initiative Cambodia –English

The Joint Climate Change Initiative (JCCI) is a collaborative effort between the three organizations, Cord, DCA/CA and Forum Syd, and is working to enhance the capacity among Cambodian non-government organizations and communities in order to reduce vulnerability of added threats that climate change poses to development.

Forum Syd: The Joint Climate Change Initiative Cambodia – Khmer

Khmer version of our JCCI profile.

Building Local Resilience (Joint Climate Change Initiative)

Cambodia, listed as one of the world’s least developed countries with a significant part of the population living in poverty, is highly dependent on surrounding natural resources and agriculture. Impacts of climate change are a huge threat to efforts of poverty reduction and many other development objectives such as increased participation in decision making processes and the fulfillment of rights, particularly among the rural poor.

Forum Syd Cambodia – KYSD Story Of Change

Forum Syd cooperates with Khmer Youth for Social Development to strengthen and encourage youth to become a positive force in defending rights and natural resources in Cambodia. KYSD is working with young people both in the capital Phnom Penh as well as on the countryside.

Advocacy Campaigns

Rubber Barons

The ‘Rubber Barons’ report by Global Witness shows how vast amounts of land have been acquired for rubber plantations in Cambodia and Laos by two of Vietnam’s biggest largest companies, Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) and the Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG). The rubber barons are financed by international investors including Deutsche Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) — the private lending arm of the World Bank.

Clean Sugar Campaign

The sugar industry, motivated by the EU’s Everything But Arms preferential trade scheme, has been one of the worst offenders in Cambodia’s land grabbing epidemic, which has led to devastating human rights impacts. Video by Equitable Cambodia.